About Us

History. Community. Crew. Since 1978.

Providing Expert & Honest Service For 40 Years

Our History

It all began in 1978 when original owners, Donald D. and Jeanette B. Miller opened as a Ben Franklin store in Charlevoix, MI. In 1984, the True Value brand was added and eventually replaced the Ben Franklin name altogether in 1997.

Our Community

Today, the East Jordan True Value philosophy of “We own the business, but it really belongs to the Community” is embodied by current Co-Owners, Dan Miller and Dale Miller.

Dan is a member of the East Jordan Lions Club and also supports the following organizations:

East Jordan Area Chamber of Commerce

East Jordan Public Schools and Little League

East Jordan Garden and Snowmobile Clubs

Area Churches and Schools Including, Central Lake, Ellsworth, and Ebenezer Christian

Dale has over 37 years experience in the Hardware Industry as well as…

Is a Veteran of the U.S. Marines

A former firefighter of 10 years for the City of Charlevoix

Together, Dan and Dale have nearly 8 DECADES of Hardware experience!!

Our Appreciation

We see our business as a vibrant and viable asset to our Community. As the Community grows, so will our business. As such, we are so very appreciative of our local Community and their support of our business. Never do we get tired of helping our customers. We have been blessed and rewarded for our business and business philosophy. For that, we say a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Our East Jordan True Value Crew

Getting to Know Your Local Experts – Up Close and Personal

Dan Miller

Dan Miller

President | Co-Owner

FAMILY:  Wife, Faye, and two children
HOMETOWN:  East Jordan
GREW UP IN:  Central Wisconsin & Illinois
HOBBIES:  Fishing, Wood Working, Grilling, and Working around the house

ABOUT DAN:  When not at work, you can find Dan serving throughout his Community as a member of the Lions Club, Vice-Chair of the East Jordan DDA, Past-President of the East Jordan Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and as a Board Member of the City Parks & Recreation Department.

Dan is currently working on his exit strategy from ownership of the True Value store – sometime within the next 3 years. Although he enjoys almost every day at work, he would like to try something else as well as spend more time with his grandchildren.

Faye Miller

Faye Miller

Chief Financial Officer

FAMILY:  Husband, Dan (She robbed the Cradle on this one!) and two children
HOMETOWN:  East Jordan
GREW UP IN:  Lake Zurich, Illinois
FAVORITE TOYS AS A KID:  Tonka Trucks and Matchbox Cars (Faye grew up with 3 younger brothers!)
HOBBIES:  Although Faye “has no time for hobbies” since she is always working… she does enjoy kayaking and reading

ABOUT FAYE:  Faye truly pours herself into your local East Jordan True Value hardware store, having been part of its operations for 40+ years. Throughout the years her favorite service she provides is working at the checkout counter and greeting folks as they come.

Daniel Phelps

Daniel Phelps

Stock Person | Stihl Repair | Cashier

FAMILY:  He Loves Them!
HOMETOWN:  East Jordan
GREW UP IN:  East Jordan
HOBBIES:  Bicycling, Repairing phones and computers, and playing the piano

ABOUT DANIEL:  Daniel is one of our newest Crew members who lists his favorite products at work as the Chain Saw! When he is not juggling them at the front door, you can find Daniel playing piano at the local nursing home where his Grandma lives.